Vinyl Wrap Questions

Why Guala Customs?

Guala Customs is a team of professional automotive wrap specialists. We perform full vehicle wraps, automotive detailing and paint polishing, window tinting,, and anything else that relates to the exterior of a vehicle. From client consultation to installation, every step of the process is handled by our experts; Thereby insuring that every step of the process is managed with the same acute attention to detail and the final result is flawless. 

How much do wraps cost?

Full vehicle wraps start at $1,500 and go up from there, depending on the type of vehicle and choice of vinyl. We can work within any budget to design a partial wrap to compliment the vehicle’s body lines, including stripe work.

Do you offer sponsorships?

Yes we do! We offer partial sponsorships on all wrap services, but our acceptance rate is declining as we grow! Visit our sponsorship page for more information (link)

What kind of vinyl does Guala Customs use?

Guala Customs uses 3M, Avery Dennison, Hexis, Oracal, and KMPF American-made premium cast vinyl for ALL projects – we NEVER use off brand vinyl or sub-quality products.

Why a cast vinyl wrap instead of calendered vinyl?

Guala Customs uses the highest quality cast vinyl which protects your vehicle for the life of the wrap. Cast vinyl is manufactured in a way that the vinyl is 'relaxed', whereas calendered vinyl is manufactured through an extrusion process, setting permanent tension in the vinyl. this leads to warping and peeling – ultimately a shorter life for your wrap. Additionally, calendared vinyl uses much more abrasive adhesives and can be damaging to paint over time, whereas our 100% removable premium cast vinyl is guaranteed to be non-damaging when applied to OEM paint in good condition.

What can be wrapped?

Anything and everything – just ask! We regularly wrap everything from vehicles, walls, floors, furniture, appliances -  you name it!

How long does it take to wrap a vehicle?

Full wraps take anywhere from 3 to 7 days to complete, dependent on the size and type of vehicle and color/finish requested by the customer. Guala Customs can attempt to make special arrangements with customers who cannot be without their vehicles for that long if necessary

Does my paint have to be in good condition for a vehicle wrap?

A vinyl wrap will sustain the condition of the paint before the wrap. It is a preference to wrap OEM/like new paint so the vinyl has a smooth surface to adhere to. Guala Customs strongly recommends having areas of paint that are chipping or peeling sanded by a body shop prior to wrapping to insure a smooth installation and prevent any future paint flaking. As a guideline, we will not offer a warranty on any panels where paint is chipping, peeling, or primer only. If you’re concerned about the quality of your paint, bring your vehicle by and we’ll look at it together and discuss the options. 

What happens if a wrapped vehicle is damaged?

Guala Customs is able to replace sections of our customers’ damaged wraps. Most often, customers’ insurance companies will handle the cost of any wrap replacement/damage in the event of an accident. Guala customs recommends photographing your wrap once completed and submitting photos of it along with a copy of the invoice to your car insurance provider. If you happen to come across this situation and forgot to take pictures when the wrap was complete or lost your invoice, contact us! We keep all invoices and relevant pictures of our completed projects on file.

How long do wraps last?

When properly cared for, wraps will last for 5-7+ years. The general rule of thumb is that darker, glossy finishes have a longer life span than bright, matte finishes.

How do I care for my wrap?

Keep it clean! Regular hand-washing is recommended for vinyl wraps, at the bare minimum, keep them hosed off. If you don’t ever wash your vehicle and drive around with caked on dirt, bird poop and bug guts, those contaminates will eventually become part of your wrap permanently.

Are wraps removable?

Vinyl wraps can be removed. The ease and quality of removal depends on the quality and type of the vinyl used. Guala Customs uses only the highest quality premium American-made cast vinyl so removal of our wraps is always a breeze! To be safe, Guala Customs recommends that you have professionals remove the vinyl wrap.

What requirements need to be met for the day of a vehicle wrap?

The vehicle must be thoroughly cleaned prior to delivering it to Guala Customs. Not a quick “drive through the car wash” kind of clean, the jams, nooks and crannies need to be cleaned to insure that all large dirt particles are removed from the vehicle prior to it being delivered. Guala Customs clay bars the vehicle prior to applying the wrap as well, this removes any invisible sap particles or other paint blemishes that can’t be seen by the eye but will be visible underneath the wrap if not removed.

We will apply a $20 cleaning fee if the vehicle is brought to us without being thoroughly washed.

Can you wrap a leased vehicle?

Absolutely, in fact we encourage it! Vinyl applied to a new car is like having a protective coating for the entire car’s exterior. Guala Customs guarantees wraps to be non-damaging to new vehicles’ paint so there’s no risk involved with wrapping new leased vehicles.