Your vehicle's manufacturer intended for headlights and tail light's to be the "jewelry" pieces of the vehicle. Bright, flashy housings with intricate lighting patterns create brand identity for the manufacturer; it's no wonder why they put so much emphasis on these pieces, especially in the luxury vehicle market.

If you are simply looking for some protection for your luxury car's top-of-the-line light housings, or if your vehicle's lighting equipment seems outdated, there is a very simple solution to rejuvenate their style; Light tinting.

Light tinting films have two main purposes: Protection and Styling. 

Clear Gloss Film - Clear-Bra like flexible film that is applied to the exterior of any light housings to protect from rock chips and bugs. It's highly recommended to have the headlights restored prior to applying this vinyl if your housings are oxidized to ensure a 100% optically clear result. The film will keep the headlight from oxidizing later on, too.


'Smoked' Housing Film - Tint-like film that is applied to the exterior of any light housings to aesthetically enhance the look of any light. If you're looking for the 'murdered' out look on your vehicle, smoked out lights are a necessity to get the cleanest look. These tints come in a Lighter and Darker variant, which are used for the tail lights and head lights respectively.

'Colored' Housing Film - Thin, Flexible PVC film that is applied to the exterior of any light housings to add a colored tint to them. 

Colors Available: Red, Yellow, Blue, Amber, Orange, Green, Pink, Purple

  • Headlights use a more transparent color
  • Tail lights use a less transparent color

'NeoChrome/Chameleon' Housing Film - Triple-Layered PVC Film that is unlike any film you've seen before. Each layer has a different pearlescent additive inside of it, creating a 'Color-Shift' effect when viewed from different angles that are different for each neo-colored film. The result is sure to turn heads at every car show.

Colors Available: NeoChrome, NeoBlue, NeoRed, NeoPurple, NeoGreen, NeoGold, NeoYellow, NeoTeal, NeoOrange, NeoRuby, NeoSilver, NeoBlack, NeoFrost, NeoPink, NeoTeal, NeoSmoke