Look at the reflection of the sun in your vehicle's paint; you see all of those swirl marks littering the clear coat, caused by years of improper wash technique? Our Auto Detailing Technicians can restore the shine that your vehicle had when it was on the showroom floor by utilizing the skills and tools that they have mastered over the years. These include a high pressure foam cannon that blankets your vehicle with thick foam that lubricates the surface prior to washing to minimize swirl damage, and a Variable Speed Dual Action Random Orbital polisher combined with Diminishing Abrasive Compounds to safely buff away any oxidation, swirls, or clear coat scratches.

 Exterior Detailing Package includes:

  • High Pressure Foam Cannon Pre-Soak
  • 2 Bucket Wash Method with Gritguard Mesh Inserts, Complete Hand Wash
  • Thorough Paint Clay Bar to remove fallout, sap, and other contaminants
  • Clean door jambs, wheel wells, inside fuel door ect
  • Tires treated with Premium Tire Gel
  • 3-5 Polishing Passes - to remove light/medium scratches and oxidation
  • 1 Finishing Glaze pass - to enhance gloss and improve longevity
  • 1 pass of Deep Gloss Paint Sealant v3.0 - let cure 1 hour (or overnight) for a 6+ month hydrophobic wax layer
  • Upgrade to CQUARTZ. Ceramic Coating (call for pricing)
  • Polish exhaust tips, clean windows, polish chrome trims and wheels


Have you lost control of up keeping your cars interior? Have children or pets who always leave debris in your vehicle, or a job that tracks a lot of mud and dirt? Our professional detailers have the tools at their disposal to tackle any project - regardless of severity.  Contact our representatives to request a free estimate on a detail for your vehicle today.


Interior Detailing Package includes:


  • High Power Deep Vacuum
  • Steam Powered Spot Cleaning
  • Carpet Shampoo + Steam Clean
  • pH Balanced Leather Cleaning + Conditioning (if applicable)
  • Cloth Seat Spot Cleaning + Shampoo (if applicable)
  • Interior Trim Cleaning + UV Protectant Dressing
  • Steam Cleaned Deep Crevices
  • Dashboard Cleaning + Uv Protectang Dressing
  • Trunk Vacuum & Steam Cleaning
  • 2-Step Window Cleaning